For The Community

We aim to organise regular learning sessions for our volunteers and the wider public. We also work with other groups to reach the community at large and share our knowledge on native habitats and native plants.

Lunch & Learn

Every year, we organise education sessions at our nursery for our volunteers and the general public. The sessions are related to native habitat restoration and native plants. Some sessions are hands-on (like learning to propagate plants from seeds or cuttings), while other sessions are about sharing knowledge and learning from experts in the field.

Our lunch & learn sessions usually take place at the nursery and are advertised on our website, social media and via our newsletter.

Education For The Community
Te Kakano Community Events

Community Events

We take part in local community events such as the Matariki celebrations organised by Kahu Youth and the A&P show.

“I love learning about all of the different native plants and also the insects and birds that feed on them – I can’t wait to see how big the trees we’ve planted grow!”
Ellie, Wānaka Primary School

“For us, Te Kākano is a wonderful organisation that gives purpose, feeds our spirits, helps the environment and introduces us to new friends. Te Kākano provided a wonderful welcome for us to Wānaka as a couple of Wellington refugees eleven years ago.”
Pete, Volunteer

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to have been part of Te Kākano, from a little seed idea between mates… Heaps of different people, from all over the place. Hearts to the future, hands in the dirt”
Nick Mills, Founder