Hāwea River

The project was part of the Wānaka Water project.

This site is on QLDC land by the Hāwea River track, downstream from the Camphill Road bridge. The aim was to help filter water that is draining into the river from nearby dairy operations. 

Templeton Park (Albert Town)

This new project is located in the old part of Albert Town. The Park is fully rabbit fenced and used a lot by local residents. We appreciate the help of neighbours who help with watering and maintenance.

Waimana Place

This site contains small wetlands where we can plant riparian plants such Carex secta, toetoe and harakeke. There are also drier places, and the fight against rabbits is difficult. The aim of this project is to bring more native plants to the area as well as enhance a local track very well used by residents.

Wishbone Falls

The project was part of the Wānaka Water project.

The site is in a stunning location near beautiful waterfalls. The planting is along the waterways on an easement. The aim of the project is to improve the water quality as most plants are riparian plants.

Bullock Creek Wetland

Although started by Fish & Game Otago and Te Kākano, the project is now fully led and managed by the Friends of Bullock Creek. The project required an initial clean-up of the wetland and then re-vegetation with the appropriate native plants began. The creek is an important community asset and the public walkway is a great way for everyone to enjoy the wetland. more plants are planted every year by Friends of Bullock Creek and they source their own native plants.

Lismore Park – Welcome Forest

The “Welcome Forest” is planted with the “citizen trees” received by new citizens based in the Upper Clutha. We  plan to welcome more citizens and their trees to this new forest to be.

Glendhu Wetland Wildlife Refuge

The project was part of the Wānaka Water project.

This project is a great opportunity to enhance a precious wetland in a DOC Wildlife Reserve.  The wetland is responding well to no longer being grazed and we have many suitable plants to help it further. The native plants are growing extremely and regeneration is on its way.

Mou Waho

This project is led and managed by Eco Wanaka Adventure. The native trees are chosen from our nursery and planted as a food source to the varied species on the island, including the Buff Weka, now extinct on mainland New Zealand.

Penrith Wetland

We adopted the Penrith Reserve as a project to introduce more native plants into this area, which provides specialised habitats for a variety of fauna and flora. In 2019 the site became one of the projects of the Wānaka Water Project.

Albert Town Bridge Reserve

This site contains two fenced off areas. It is a challenging site as it is dry and exposed. We hope to establish native plants to bring more diversity to this well used reserve.

Point With No Name

This is located below the Glendhu Bay track which is also part of the Te Araroa trail network. It is on point to the east of Damper Bay. This “out of the way” site is beautiful and offers stunning views of the lake and mountains.

Bremner Bay

A planting site along the shores of Lake Wānaka, which means we can plant water loving plants such as mānuka, kahikatea, harakeke, and toetoe. The shores are also planted with dry tolerant species. We have a very dedicated team watering these plants over the summer months.

Albert Town – Clutha Matau-au River

On going planting along the Clutha Mata-au river helps to reintroduce native plants and native habitats. The river is big and running fast but its banks are dry, making it difficult for native plants to get established. Thankfully we have some dedicated local residents helping with the maintenance and watering.

Millennium Track

This habitat restoration project takes place along the Lake Wānaka foreshore along the Millennium track. This site allows us to plant a great variety of species due to the different micro-environments. We can plant tōtara and kōwhai but also mountain wineberry, koromiko, tree daisies and our first ever grove of mountain beech.

Eely Point Living Memorial

Eely Point is a commemorative planting site. The project is part of Matariki Tu Rākau, a programme that supports living memorials. A plaque was laid on site to honour the local members of the NZ Defence Force past and present.

Kahuika (Albert Town)

A new planting project in collaboration with Wānaka Disc Golf. This site is located at the confluence of the Clutha Mata-au and Cardrona rivers. The blue water drums on site are there to be used by disc golf players and other users of the site to water the plants.

Roy’s Bay West

This habitat restoration project takes place along the Lake Wānaka foreshore between Stoney Creek and Waterfall Creek. It’s Te Kākano’s second native habitat restoration project. The project has been carried out in different stages

Hospital Flat

In collaboration with the Wānaka Climbing Club and the Department of Conservation. There is some regeneration happening in this conservation area. We are trying to bring a wider variety of local species to bring more food and shelter to lizards, geckos and native birds.

Outlet (Albert Town)

Thanks to generous funding from Callum Urquhart of the Lake Outlet Holiday Park, this project was carried out to introduce more native species into the esplanade reserve at The Outlet. The Outlet is also the chosen site for DOC’s Project Gold (dedicated to the protection and enhancement of kōwhai trees in Otago).

Weka Block

This habitat restoration is a continuation of our plantings on the Millennium to Glendhu Bay track. The area has good soil, but is quite dry so the plants benefit from watering assistance from a neighbouring property. 


The project started with a planting with the team from the local DOC office and Team Green from Mount Aspiring College. The project continues thanks to the support of the Wānaka Climbing Club that looks after the plants.

Domini Park

Another new planting site for Te Kākano. This project is a part of a succession planting plan where pioneer species are planted first to establish a new ecology for other species. We have set up a water drum for walkers and passers by to help with watering the newly planted plants.

Albert Town Lagoon

Albert Town Lagoon project provides an opportunity to restore the natural integrity of the lagoon. With the support of ATCA, we aim to restore the wetland to a more indigenous state, re-introducing species lost to the area and providing a habitat for wetland wildlife.

Diamond Lake

Diamond Lake is a wonderful lake and woodland area on the doorstep of Lake Wānaka. Since the grazing stopped, we have been able to enhance and supplement the natural regeneration at the site with plants grown in particular, nationally threatened and declining species such as the Olearia genus.

Glendhu Bay

This project was co-initiated with Ridgeline Adventures to introduce more native species to the area with hope of creating a new link to other native habitats along the foreshore. The forest area between the Mt Aspiring viewpoint car park and the Holiday Park currently sees the best forest remnant on the entire southern shore with the only stand of rohutu and several other species found nowhere else (i.e. karamu, mingimingi). 

Waterfall Creek

This project re-introduced indigenous species into the Waterfall Creek riparian zone, focusing on the vicinity of the Millennium Walkway bridge and down-stream to Lake Wānaka, comprising approximately 1.5 hectares of land. The project was significant in size and scope and was undertaken in three phases. It was one of Te Kākano’s first projects.